My name is Megan. I'm a mom to three little ones, ages four, two, and six months. Life for me is a lot of craziness, most of the time. With my first baby, I didn't realize how much I didn't know. With my second baby, I thought I realized how much I didn't know. And with my third baby, I started reading and learning (imagine that) and actually realized how much I didn't know. But I found that as I learned more about babies, toddlers, and motherhood in general, I wanted to be able to share this knowledge to people like myself who were lacking in knowledge but hoping to find some. Enter this blog. I have a lot to learn--I freely admit to that. But I also have a lot to share.

Now, what of "Becoming Mom?" When I think of the word "Mom," I think of a lot of things. I think of strength; a mom can go all day on a few hours of sleep and perhaps a few handfuls of chocolate. I think of knowledge; how many questions a day do I ask ranging from how a stove works to what the word bionic means? Too many. I think of recall; when was the last time you asked your mom where your purple and white striped sock was and she didn't know? I think of comfort; where do your kids go when they fall down? To you. The list goes on.

I obviously became a mom when I gave birth. But becoming mom is a dynamic process that lasts for years--if not your entire life. Hopefully I can share this process and document at least a little growth as I try to become mom.